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High Blood Pressure
Now You CAN Control it Naturally!

According to statistics of the American Heart Association:

"About 65 million Americans age 20 and older have
high blood pressure. Of all people with high blood pressure, 70.7 percent do not have it under control."

High blood pressure (hypertension) is very easy to detect. There are many drugs and medications that doctors can prescribe for high blood pressure.  So why is high blood pressure out of control in 70.7 percent of the people who have it?

"Most often, the treatment recommended is some type of prescription drug." 

"Side effects occur all too frequently. 50 percent of people who seek treatment for hypertension quit treatment within a year, mainly because of side effects. Other people, fearing the adverse reactions, avoid treatment altogether."

excerpted from The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure by Jay S. Cohen, M.D.

All blood pressure prescription drugs are alien substances to the human body.  They are designed to handle symptoms.  They cannot address the cause, or cure what has gone wrong.

"There is another basic difference between medications and nutrients: Blood-pressure medications lower blood pressure even in people who do not have hypertension. Proper nutrient therapy normalizes it."

excerpted from The Magnesium Factor
by Mildred Seelig, M.D. & Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D.

As an example, imagine if a fire broke out in the living room of your home, and the house filled up with smoke (a symptom of the fire), you could turn on an exhaust fan in the window and quickly pull all the smoke out of the house.  It would look okay, but if you did not address and put out the fire (the cause), it would eventually burn down your home.

High blood pressure is a symptom that something is wrong!

"If one lowers a high blood pressure without bringing the magnesium and/or potassium status up to normal, will risk of heart disease go down? The answer is no!  

"In fact, lowering blood pressure while ignoring magnesium can be dangerous." 

"Most cases of heart attack and stroke occurred in people whose blood pressure was in the normal range."

excerpted from The Magnesium Factor
by Mildred Seelig, M.D. & Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D.

So, what causes high blood pressure and what are some of the ways to help control it naturally?

"We do know that blood pressure is controlled by the tiny smooth muscles lining the interior of blood vessels and the nerves that control them."

"These muscles’ ability to dilate
[Definition: to make wider or larger] or constrict governs the pressure and blood flow to each organ and tissue, thus allowing the body to adapt to various states such as sleep, digestion, or exercise, as well as to external circumstances such as a hot or cold environment." 

"When the muscles throughout the vascular system [Definition: the arteries and veins that carry blood] dilate, blood pressure drops. When the muscles constrict, blood pressure rises. If this constriction occurs continuously, the blood pressure remains abnormally high. This is hypertension." 

"What influences the relaxing and tightening of the tiny smooth muscles lining the blood vessels? Many factors, but among the foremost is the mineral magnesium." 

"Actually, the balance of magnesium and another mineral, calcium, in and around the muscle cells lining the arteries is a primary determining factor of their state of relaxation and constriction." 

"Calcium tends to make muscles constrict, whereas magnesium causes them to relax."

excerpted from The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure by Jay S. Cohen, M.D.

The solution appears almost too simple.  If so, why don’t the majority of doctors address the problem of high blood pressure using a nutritional approach?

"Modern physicians are trained to prescribe. We learn in medical school that prescription drugs are the most powerful tools we have for treating disease." 

"Since diet changes were almost never presented as therapeutic tools, drugs are usually viewed as the only significant therapeutic options available." 

"The pressure on physicians to use medications are almost impossible to overcome. Not only have they been taught that drugs are necessary, but the drug companies exert enormous influence on physicians’ treatment patterns."

excerpted from Reversing Diabetes
by Julian M. Whitaker, M.D.

The WSN® Blood Vessel Support Formula is a completely natural product that is now available for the first time to those who want to lower their blood pressure levels without the use of additional drugs and/or medications.

The WSN® Blood Vessel Support Formula is a medical food specifically formulated for the dietary management of hypertension.

It contains a unique combination of Foodform® Vitamins and Minerals, especially Foodform® Magnesium that will nourish the cells of your vascular system with the nutrition they need to lower high blood pressure levels and to maintain normal blood pressure levels.

The chemical forms of magnesium normally available in health food shops and drug stores (magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, magnesium gluconate, magnesium lactate, magnesium aspartate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium sulfate and magnesium citrate) do not interact with the body in the same fashion as Foodform® Magnesium.

These chemical forms when used in sufficient quantity, most often cause the bowels to loosen and you end up with severe diarrhea.  This will not occur with Foodform® Magnesium.

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Foodform® vitamins and minerals are 100% natural and safe and because the body recognizes them as food.  Each ingredient in this formula has been specifically chosen for its abilities to nutritionally support healthy and normal blood pressure levels.  There are no side effects and they do not adversely interact with blood pressure medications.

Now you can lower your blood pressure levels naturally without having to use drugs.

Order your WSN® Blood Vessel Support Formula today and begin to feed your body the nutrients it needs to restore deficiencies and heal itself.

A 30-day supply of the WSN® Blood Vessel Support Formula is $49.70 and it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

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(Article from Newsletter Issue 19)

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