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Real Stories of Pain Relief
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Here are just a few of the stories from our customers
who are using the WSN® Pain Relief Formula:

"I have used the Pain Relief Formula Spray on my knees. I have arthritis and at times it is painful even trying to walk normally. I spray whichever knee is hurting and within a short time I truly notice a difference.

"I cannot only walk well, but climb the stairs in my home without a problem. I really like that I can treat the pain from the outside instead of taking pain medications internally and being unsure if they'll work or not.

"Thank you for recommending this fine product."

From Corinne dell'Aria-Hallett in Arizona

"Yes, your Pain Relief Formula is working very well for me. I was in an auto and motorcycle accident quite a few years ago and because of that, I now have arthritis in the spine and neck. Also, three years ago I took a nasty fall in my bathroom. Because of that, my hip has hurt me terribly.

"I have been to the Dr. who put me on medicines with codeine that made me very ill. Nothing he did worked for me. I have tried numerous sprays, wraps, over the counter medicines, etc., to no avail. Sure, they help some but I find myself reaching for these products more than I should for the help I need.

"What works for me is this, instead of spraying the hurtful areas, I apply the Pain Relief Formula to a cotton ball, and rub the affected joints, which has helped me immensely. I find I am quite stiff as of yet, but the pain now is almost gone. I actually feel human again. My husband and I love to travel, and now I feel I am able to do that.

"I am very happy with this product so far. And, yes you can use my testimonial on your website to share."

From Sharon Gerrish in Wisconsin

"When I placed my original monthly order for Nerve Support Formula, I also got a bottle of Pain Relief Formula. Since I have occasional symptoms of arthritis in my fingers, and occasional sudden cramps in my legs that are both very painful, I used the Pain Relief Formula spray soon after I received the bottle for both conditions.... and I was amazed at the immediate relief!"

From Ed Menken in Texas

"Thank you for letting me know about the Pain Relief Spray. I was sent a bottle when I ordered Nerve Support Formula. There are times when my pain becomes intolerable, caused by neuropathy, and every time I use this spray it brings almost immediate relief. I keep it on hand at all times. Thanks."

From Clara Fleming in Canada

"I've been using the WSN Pain Relief Formula for about a year. I don't use it daily, but when the neuropathy in my lower legs and feet flares up during the night, it's been a life saver! The pain doesn't completely disappear, but it allows me to make it through the night."

From V. Simons in California

"My wife has been using the Pain Relief Formula, primarily for her aching neck area. As mentioned, perhaps before, she suffers from fibromyalgia. This gives her considerable relief."

From Don Stout in California

"I have been using the Pain Relief spray and last night I came home from a long day and night at the theatre after being on my feet for about 8 hours and I couldn't sleep. The tops of my feet were tingling so bad, so I went to the living room where I had left the bottle of spray and sprayed the top of both feet.

"Between the time I sprayed in the living room and the time I got back to the bed room the pain was gone, thank you."

From Cecil Whitmire in Alabama

"I went to bed and was unable to sleep because of the shooting pain from both of my feet. I remembered the bottle of Pain Relief Formula I had stored down in the kitchen. Finally I got up and retrieved the bottle, sprayed both feet and massaged it in. Within just minutes I was able to go to sleep. I had used in on my hands when I had arthritis pain sometimes and it had given that relief also.

"Thanks for this gift, it sure didn't let me down when I was in pain that night."

From Ellen Lohiser in Florida

"Here I go again. I had to learn the hard way that the WSN Nerve Support Formula really works, as I have with the Pain Relief Formula.

"I have had hip pain for the past few months. I went to my orthopedic doctor. I had a shot of cortisone, helped a few days. In the allotted time I got the 2nd shot and it helped some and I proceeded to the 3rd shot with no relief.

"I had ordered the Pain Formula months ago but didn't think something that you sprayed on the outside of your body could help the inside.... I was fooled. I ran across the Pain Relief formula that was tucked away and started using it, lo and behold, if it didn't work just like the Nerve Support Formula.

"I am out walking again and so far so good and I do give the credit to that Pain Relief Formula.

"Thought you just might want to know."

From Lois Bowyer in Virginia

"I have had this problem, with my feet, for a couple of years & did not know what was causing the pain. I had surgery on the left foot, & it caused problems later. Dr. said everything was okay, however I was experiencing pain in both feet, so I went on line & discovered your program, its working, slowly, but it takes time.

"I also am using the Spray Pain Relief Formula. It works immediately, I used it about 2 am this morning & it worked in just a few minutes, so I would highly recommend both products. They do work."

From Gwendolyn Bennett in Missouri

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