The WSN® Nerve Support Formula is a medical food specifically
formulated for the dietary management of neuropathy.

Reduce the symptoms of your neuropathy, safely and effectively!

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Neuropathy Breakthrough
Creates Life Changing Results

Here are just a few of the success stories from our customers
who are using the WSN® Nerve Support Formula

* These testimonials are based on the individual experiences of these customers.
Your experience may vary.

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Nerve Support Formula. I am diabetic and have had severe neuropathy. I saw your advertisement and decided to try it out. Much to my surprise and happiness, it has helped my hands which do not have true feeling in them and require me to wear leather gloves often summer and winter. If something is cold, it feels like fire on my hands. If it is hot, it feels like ice on my hands.

"I went on and got a second bottle, and I began to have feelings in my feet up to just below the knee and my hands began to feel temperature in the correct way and I can go without the gloves most of the time. I continue to take the Nerve Support Formula and no longer have nights of severe neuropathy in my legs. I recommend that anyone just try this product. You have nothing to lose because there is a guarantee or your money back in 90 days."

From Tom Joseph in North Carolina *

"My husband is doing very well on that, and now has a fellow employee whose wife is in a great deal of pain with her feet about to try it too. Jeff was at a point where we were unable to even go to a store to do grocery shopping without the aid of a wheelchair when he started on the Nerve Support Formula. He was able to walk around with very little discomfort and without the aid of a wheelchair.

"It has truly been a miracle for him, as we were facing a very bleak future with his ability to get around so limited. He is a different man today because of your wonderful Nerve Support Formula.... Thank You."

From Maggi Hadfield in Canada *

"Thank you for your valuable information. My neuropathy is from repetitive damage to the nerves, years of sanding and painting, possibly with toxins like lead and asbestos that I am sure didn't help. I adore large old houses! Now am paying the price. I had your product sent to me in Costa Rica and I noticed a big difference. I will order more and thank you for the updates and information it is a huge help."

From Cindy Hayes in Costa Rica *

"I had had burning feet for about 8 years. The last 3 or so years my hands also burned. You can't imagine how many nights I've laid awake. My hands and feet felt like I was standing in hot coals.

"The Doctors were no help. I had no idea what caused it. I have had 3 major back surgeries. They thought that was the cause.

"Right after starting the Nerve Support Formula the pain eased. In only a short time it was gone. I tried stopping and it returned. I now take it every day.

"I hope my endorsement can prevent someone else from suffering like I did."

From Dave Rose in New York *

"I have been taking Nerve Support Formula for close to four months. I am very pleased with the results I have experienced. I increased the amount of Nerve Support Formula I was taking and then reduced the amount after a while and am very excited that I am pain free. I am a multiple sclerosis patient and being pain free in my feet is a real blessing."

From Donna Ballinger in Kentucky *

"Fellow neuropathy sufferers. Please, please read my story. If I can help one person with their neuropathy, it will make my day.

"I have been suffering from diabetic neuropathy for eight years. The neuropathy is in both feet, starting at the toes and going about halfway up my foot. I have been unable to experience any sort of temperature in my toes, plus a "pins and needles" feeling. My heels are fine, but the feeling just ends half way.

"I began taking the WSN Nerve Support Formula. Thank you Wellness Support Network for giving me back my feet. I tell everyone I know that I have "new feet". Now I can begin a walking regime that I know will help in my weight loss. And I have been able to stop taking medication the doctor gave me for neuropathy. Another plus."

From Faye DeSaulnier in Massachusetts *

"I was diagnosed with colon cancer two years ago. I had chemotherapy for six months. The kind of chemotherapy given to me, left me with severe numbness in many parts of my body. It has been seventeen months since my last chemo treatment. I was told the numbness may never go away.

"I just would not give up. I was looking at the Mayo Clinic web sight and found information about Nerve Support Formula and Wellness Support Network. I thought I have nothing to lose. I ordered the Nerve Support Formula and began with the higher dose to start.

"I have more strength in my body, a lot of the numbness has gone away, my hands are much better, my legs and feet have a way to go, but the feeling of well being is such a blessing to me. I can feel the difference in my whole body. I cannot believe how this has helped the pain I had."

From Janet in North Carolina *

"I'm 72 years old and I cried almost nightly with the pain from the neuropathy and my foot injury for almost four years now."

"The pain has gone from 10 to about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Even the numbness has been fading. I just can't believe what's been happening. I know I will continue using the Nerve Support Formula. Thank you."

From Jerry Saraydar in Arizona *

"I am 65 years old and recently retired. I could hardly walk as my feet hurt so bad. I even told my doctor that I wished I could have my feet removed before I found out about the Nerve Support Formula. I started taking the Nerve Support Formula and right away I could tell the difference. Believe me it works."

"I am now walking several times a week for a couple of miles each time I walk. Before, I could hardly walk to the mailbox. This is truly a blessing for those with neuropathy. My doctor is amazed at how well I am doing now and says whatever I am doing to keep it up. I cannot thank you enough for making me feel like a real person again. Thanks."

From Sandy Warth in Florida *

"I have been taking Nerve Support Formula; I was toxic from statin drugs for cholesterol."

"I had terrible pain in my low back as well as tingling and pain in both feet. After a short while of taking the Nerve Support Formula every day, the back pain was almost completely gone and almost never bothers me since. The tingling in my feet has greatly improved also."

From Ruth Martin in North Carolina *

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* These testimonials are based on the individual experiences of these customers.
Your experience may vary.

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